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Now You Can Join Us On Facebook
The Wellness Committee has created a Facebook Page. This is a closed group so only people that are in the group can see what is being posted. If you would like to join the group please find us under CHC/CP Wellness Committee and request to join. The page allow us to connect with each other, show each other support, share great recipes, workouts, etc. Contact Lindsay if you'd like to join, or send a request from the Facbook page.

Our wellness committee meets once a month to discuss ideas and activities to help improve our employees' overall health. To keep our employees in the loop on wellness activities and health information, we will be distributing a quarterly wellness newsletter. In each newsletter we will touch on the 7 aspects of wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Environmental and Occupational. The latest edition of the newsletter, as well as previous editions, will be posted in links under the newsletter section below. If you do not have an agency email and would like to receive this newsletter or other wellness committee updates electronically, please email Lindsay at LSloan@cpnorthcountry.org, where you will be added to our employee wellness email list. Also below you will find upcoming activities and a link to access employee wellness activity cards. Have no idea what these cards are? Take a look at the information below under the activities section.

Upcoming Activities

Are you trying to be more active? Why not get a chance to win a prize for it.

Our first drawing for wellness cards will take place on January 5th and will be announced shortly after. Be sure to get your cards in by the end of day today! To recap the rules; each time you participate in a physical activity, document it on one of the twelve slots on the back of the card. This means any activity that increases your heart rate for 30 consecutive minutes. Some examples of these physical activities are: fitness center/gym attendance, walks, runs, exercise classes/videos, yoga, swimming, skiing, etc. Cards are available on 1st and 2nd floor reception desks in Canton, Watertown, Gouverneur and Malone. When the card is complete, bring/interoffice it to the Administration offices at 4 Commerce Lane or mail to Wellness Committee at 4 Commerce Lane, Canton, NY 13617. The cards will be reviewed using the honor system, which means you must be honest when you fill it out. After your completed card has been submitted, your name will be entered into a drawing to win an exciting prize. There will be 4 drawings done throughout the year. Following the January drawing, there will be one in April. Cards can be printed off from the link below or you can pick some up at the front desks of all administrative locations. Cards can also be emailed to Vanessa at vfernandes@cpnorthcountry.org.

Employee Wellness Activity Card

New Weight Loss Program

January 15th through April 8th, we will be running "A New Weigh", a program to help motivate you to lose weight. The program will require two weigh-ins; an initial and a final. You will also have the option to participate in a halfway weigh-in, which will provide opportunities for an additional prize. To participate in this program, you will need to come in to one of the following offices and see the corresponding person on January 15th for your initial weigh-in:

4 Commerce Lane; Administration– Paige Roome
Watertown Health Center– Karen Schneebeli
Malone Health Center– Stephanie Niles
Gouverneur Health Center– Teresa Crump

The person who loses the most percentage of weight, will win the following:

Halfway weigh in (February 26th):

1st place– a $50 VISA gift card
2nd place– will receive recognition
3rd place– will receive recognition

Final weigh in (April 8th):

1st place– a $100 VISA gift card
2nd place– a $50 VISA gift card
If the final weigh in results in a tie, both people will be awarded a $75 VISA gift card.

Between January 15th, February 26th and April 8th you will be on your own to try and lose the biggest percentage of your weight. We will send out helpful tips and tricks to motivate you along the way, but it's up to you to push yourself.

Wellness Newsletters