Executive Team

Executive Team

From L-R: Skip Edie, Associate Executive Director; Pamela Mahaffy, Chief Financial Officer; Kate Mulkin, Director of Human Resources; Dr. Andrew Williams, Medical Director; Anne Richey, Executive Director

Staff Directory

Executive Director,
Anne Richey

Associate Director,
Philip "Skip" Edie

Director of Human Resources,
Kate Mulkin

Chief Financial Officer,
Pamela Mahaffy

Director of Marketing and Communications
Ray Babowicz

Director of Residential Services,
Nichole Belonge

Director of Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance,
Philip "Skip" Edie

Home Service Director and
Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
Jim Williams

Home Service Director & Jefferson County Coordinator,
Karen Schneebeli

Home Service Director-Franklin County
Sherri Hewitson

Director of Program Development,
Amy Dougan

Director of Family Services,
Sherri Hewitson

Director of CDPAP and WIC Services,
Donna Elliott

Board of Directors

Mike diVincenzo
John Clarke
Roy Perry
Kay Walton
Chester Xiang
Donna Webster
Jondavid DeLong, ESQ
Julie Spadaccini
Rebecca Trejos
Robyn Estey
Richard Merchant
Emma Brackett