Reimbursement Voucher Subsidy

This program offers a family or individual a yearly amount of funds to spend on themselves for goods and services that are not covered by Medicaid. Funds allow families to purchase goods and services that will enhance skills of the individual, improve the home environment, and help develop the cognitive and physical needs of the family member with disabilities. Some families use the funds to hire a respite worker for a much needed break from providing the intense care that is required of individuals with developmental disabilities. To obtain this service you must:

be considered eligible through OPWDD with a qualifying disability occurring before age 22 which include:  cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, and traumatic brain injury

If the individual applying is also seeking a residential placement they could be eligible for an enhanced reimbursement amount. This money is intended to assist the family to keep their family member in the home and meet their needs while awaiting placement.

For more information about these services, contact Lori Raymond at (315) 379-8205 or by email